Why Are Headlines So Important In Sales Letters?


A headline in a sales letter is similar to the turning column on a lighthouse. It gets your attention. In case you don’t have a great headline that gets the attention of your reader, no one will ever even read your sales letter.

It is the headline that has to capture the attention of the reader; it is the headline that tickles his fancy, and makes the reader want to find out more about just what the letter has to say. The headline should be exciting and lure the reader to wonder what is definitely going to be said further on down the page. One may find the page of Headlinr Bonus to be very useful when looking for a good review.

Most of the actions which people take when reading a sales letter or a similar record is subconscious. That means that they don’t say it out loud, or even think it, but they’re wondering how this is all going to turn out. The site of Headlinr may provide one with useful info on the product.

Something like, “Why Apple Cider Vinegar Saved My Life!” as opposed to “Apple Cider Vinegar is Great” You can see that the first headline is significantly more remarkable and to the stage. It says the Apple Cider Vinegar save someone’s life, which is quite exciting, as opposed to the 2nd statement that sounds like it is being said with a yawn.

A good headline will stop you in your tracks and allow it to be impossible to move forward whatsoever, until you have answered the question in your head about what the headline is yelling at you. Or, try this: “Learn Why Ice Cream Will Kill You!” that’s a pretty great attention grabber, as opposed to “Ice Cream May Not Be Good For You.”

You can see the difference. The language of the headline has to be strong, not condescending, but exciting to the point where someone WOn’t rest until his curiosity is satisfied by reading the remaining part of the sales latter.

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