How to Achieve Maximum Success with Spells


How to Achieve Maximum Success with SpellsUsing White Magic to Counter Black Magic Magic isn’t bad and it isn’t good which goes against what many people believe. People can use magic or good or evil so it isn’t the magic it is the person that can make it bad or good. Typically black magic is used for evil and white magic for good. White magic is to help others or yourself. While black magic is used to hurt people. Through out the cosmos there is an energy called magic. This energy is what gives you your power, it is an energy field that is produced by living things and it surrounds us and flows through us and it holds the universe together. This energy is neither good nor evil until you use it to harm someone then it becomes bad. Be warned if you want to practice the arts of black magic it will come back to you one day. If you hurt someone then the favor will likely be returned to you. Unlike black magic, you can use white magic for good things like love. You will notice the power of magic when you transform that special someone into somebody that is willing to love you back. If the traditional love spell isn’t your thing you can use magic to bolster your personality so you can go and find love on your own, although this may seem useful just remember that true love comes from being yourself and not pretending to be someone you are not. If you aren’t very good looking you can use magical spells to augment that so you can go out into the world and find true love, allot better than paying thousands upon thousands of dollars on plastic surgery that may go haywire and leave you looking like a zombie.
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You will have no reasons at all to use your power to hurt someone else. You could just keep using white magic to improve yourself. Hurting people is just a waste of time, especially if you could be using that energy to make yourself a better person. If you don’t like the way you look just simply change the way you look, people do it every day although with more mundane methods such as plastic surgery but it is the same principle, change aspects of your physical appearance to make yourself look more attractive. Just remember every time you use magic, it is tied to karma and if you use it to hurt someone or torment them with your magical powers it may come back to you in the end and you’ll be wishing you hadn’t have done what you did, black magic is dangerous, not only to yourself but to everyone around you, but then again it is only dangerous to people that actually believe it in the first place.The Ultimate Guide to Solutions

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