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Services - Getting Started & Next StepsInternet Services In Costa Rica The country of Costa Rica has become the 89th world’s largest economy by its GDP with just a population of 4.7 million people. And Costa Rica’s internet users have risen up to 2 million or 43% of the total population as of June of 2012. Social media on the internet is what makes the internet more alive, it connects people from different parts of the world, and for Costa Rica, there have been a lot of people that has been using social medias to connect, share and even make their businesses. In Costa Rica’s constitution in the article 121, says that ownership of the state for wireless services are not permanently eradicated. Because of that government in Costa Rica has used this for their monopoly of the internet services who they only have the control of the wireless connections in the whole country. However, it has come to their court the important and primary function of the internet and without the freedom to use this technology, those functions cannot be realized so they have taken necessary actions in September of 2010. That is the beginning of what internet generation means for the people in Costa Rica, we all know that there is a good side and bad side for everything, and the internet has been used as a tool for spreading good and bad, crimes have been committed through the internet and abuse is always possible. Just sitting there watching stuff on the internet can get you to jail, there are many crimes that is punishable by law just by doing something using the internet, organizing crimes, spying, hacking, researching for blueprints of weapons, missiles, drugs and also child pornography. That is why there have been training for law enforcers on the internet to help them catch these criminals that are using the internet in their crimes. Let’s hope they all catch those criminals and move on to the good side of the internet, for businesses in Costa Rica, the internet has provided them limitless expansion throughout the world, business owners have expanded their businesses on the internet creating websites and social media accounts that helps them a lot in connecting to the people that are potential clients and the people that have been their clients already, because of that it has added to a progress on their economy having to pay no tax and getting all their sales through the internet. With the internet, the way of living for Costa Ricans is slowly changing into something more modernized.

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