Finding Ways To Keep Up With Worktops


Finding Ways To Keep Up With Worktops The Various Types Of Wooden Kitchen Worktops

Using wooden worktops in the kitchen brings a feeling of warmth and comfort even in designs of modern houses. This article will tackle on the many types of wood available to people who wants to consider using it for their kitchen designs. There are many types of wood to select from and it is very hard to choose the perfect one for your needs. It is not mainly for practicality reasons, but also for the beauty turn out of the design. If the customer will invest much on worktops, they must be sure that it will look magnificent and long-lasting. Using wood as worktops convey durability and it also has antibacterial aspects that make it more hygienic. Wooden worktops can fit both modern designs to traditional ones to it is more practical to use them. Below are the most common types of wood for kitchen worktops.


Ash is hyped as a famous choice for kitchen worktops. One main reason is that ash wood is strong and sturdy that it can withstand many forces acted on it after being used every day. This wood is strong enough to endure cutting and chopping without due damage. It can be cut into the design you want without reducing its strength.


Beech is a favorite of many clients because of its pale color. It suits contemporary kitchen designs and it slightly deviates from the traditional color of wood.


Oak is a type of wood from Europe which has a unique texture and beauty that comes with its strength and durability. Others say that when the sun will shine brightly over it, flecks will appear magnificently. Oak kitchen worktops are becoming the newest trends in kitchen concept designs.

Walnut Wood

Walnut kitchen worktops are among the most popular ones in the market nowadays. It is heavy wearing and has a unique magnificence of its own. Modern kitchens use walnut for added aesthetics.


Cherry wood has a unique reddish brown shade which makes it ideal for making the room warm and appealing. Flecks usually appear after some time which makes it a special type of wood. Maintenance of the wood is important because when not taken cared of, it will cause wood degeneration and damage.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect type of wood for worktops is a very difficult task but when you have chosen the right one, it will turn your kitchen into a design haven. Many companies offer a wider range of designs and wood types that will best suit what you want. Now, cooking and preparation of food is more fun and comfortable with these worktops.

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