The Essentials of Mailing – Revisited


The Essentials of Mailing - RevisitedEDDM Postcards: A Brief Overview of Every Door Direct Mail In any form of business it is widely known that one should make an attempt to market directly to your targeted audience in order to achieve the best marketing results. However, you also want to ensure that the direct marketing method that you employ is also cost effective. If what you are looking for is an inexpensive way to contact the largest number of potential customers possible, then EDDM postcards may be exactly what you need. It might have crossed your mind at some point that Internet marketing is the most cost effective way to market your products and services and that other types, like direct mail marketing, are not as cost effective. Yes, it is true that Internet marketing is fast becoming the dominant form of marketing, but new policies put in place by the US Postal Service have changed things a bit in regards to direct mail marketing. The program we are talking about is the Every Door Direct Mail program, otherwise known as EDDM. In the past, when using direct mail methods to market your goods and services in a certain area, you had to pay for expensive mailing lists. These mailing lists are often known to be out dated and inaccurate. Using EDDM postcards means that you do not have to buy expensive mailing lists anymore. The way the EDDM program works is that you choose an area that you would like to mail your postcards to and then you drop the right number of postcards to the post office. As the name Every Door Direct Mail suggests, your postcards will be delivered to every home in that area and you will save a lot of postage and from not having to purchase a mailing list of any kind.
Short Course on Postcards – Getting to Square 1
The process is actually quite simple and is accessible from the US Postal Service website. First thing you must do is create and then log in to your US Postal Service business account. At this point you would then choose a certain zip code to which you will be sending your marketing postcards. By following the simple directions on the US Postal Service website you will have little trouble getting your EDDM postcards out to prospective customers all over the chosen area.
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Of course, the next problem will be having the postcards that you are planning to send printed up. When your EDDM postcards are printed up make sure that you have the right size postcards that qualify under the EDDM program. No matter if you are announcing a special sales event or you would like to get the word out about a new product or service, with Every Day Direct Mail postcards you can do so in a cost effective and efficient way.

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